Camtek Oy - 35 years CAM applications for machine workshops

Since 1983 Camtek Oy has been developing in close co-operation with Finnish machine workshops light and handy CAM software that works as well on shop floor as in office. Applications have been installed in over 600 organisations altogether in Finland and some also abroad. Camtek can offer an affordable solution for CNC programming needs of every sized workshop whether it lies in a corner of a garage or is part of a big international company.

WinCAM® - the CAM software

A pioneer of NC applications in Finland

During its  25 years' life cycle WinCAM has reached a status of a standard tool in Finnish machining workshops and technical schools. It serves as well as the only CAM of a workshop or as an assistant of a heavy duty software. WinCAM is convenient to use as well by the side of a machine tool as on office desktop. WinCAM makes even your old machine tools to carve gold.



WinCAM® is a registered trademark of Camtek Oy