Reliable Finnish CAM solutions since 1983

Camtek Oy was founded in 1983 in order to fill the gap that was clearly seen in Finnish manufacturing industry that was taking the first steps with CNC machines. Programming of those machines was done mainly manually and the NC programs were punched on paper tape that was the most inportant data medium. Some bigger companies had APT or corresponding big and clumsy NC programming system working in mainframe computers. In market there were only Fanuc PG and Olivetti GTL systems, which were possible for medium-sized companies but too expensive for small workshops.

The first product of our company NC-PLOT was published in spring 1984. At first it was working only in HP workstations but quite soon, when the graphical properties of PC computers were improved, we concentrated in DOS environment. NC-PLOT became common quite fast and it got an almost legendary reputation in Finnish machine workshops. There are still some end-users that swear to it.


WinCAM® is a successor to NC-PLOT in Windows environment. It was presented in 1994 and now it has users in over 600 organisations mainly in Finland. Total amount of end-users is in thousands.

WinCAM software has always been developed after user requests and wishes. Also in the future it is a matter of honor for us that every end-user is also a developer and our programmers are always accessible for them.