WinCAM brings flexibility to NC programming

WinCAM supports many different programming practices. For a friend of manual programming WinCAM offers a handy editor and very illustrative simulator. For part family programming and to improve and automate your own procedures WinCAM includes an interactive macro system. Most people however prefer rather graphic programming creating first - with WinCAM support of course - the workpiece geometry and choosing proper machining methods after that. All these different ways of programming can be combined even during one programming session depending on situation and preferences. To fulfill the graphic programming WinCAM is always equipped with a customized postprocessor, which makes the best of all your machine tool properties and produces effective NC code.

WinCAM includes all properties you need to produce and test NC programs and even minimize machining times outside the machine tool when it is still doing the previous job. This is how you can relieve your machines to the work they have been purchased for - to make money.

WinCAM software family includes an application for turning, machining centers and many types of cutting. Software is available localised in Finnish, English and soon also in Swedish.

WinCAM® is a registered trademark of Camtek Oy