WinCAM Postprocessors and Simulators

WinCAM is famous for its qualified postprocessors and simulators. WinCAM postprocessors are always customized so that the NC code they produce is good enough for the machine and as well for the machinist. If you wish, most automatic canned cycles of modern CNC controls can be put to use.

WinCAM is the only CAM software that has a bidirectional intelligence. WinCAM can produce NC code, but it also understands it. WinCAM implementation contains always simulators for given CNC controls and can so produce simulation contours out of even manually written NC programs.

A most recent property of WinCAM simulation is called "backplot from NC code to geometry". It gives you the ability to catch all geometric information out of your old NC programs and export it to a DXF file for CAD or an other CAM if needed. In WinCAM for machining centers it is even possible to automaticly create a feature based model which contains information about different holes, threads, counterbores etc.

Postprocessors and simulators have been carried out for most of common CNC controls. The list is of course growing all the time. In all probability the controls of your workshop are already on the lists attached.